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Postcards from far away!


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Haha, as a non-musician, I'm dying in anticipation to hear what Postcards from Far Away sounds like.. I'm sure i'm not the only one. =)


Is there any possibility that someone could play it out and record it?


If you're not sure what I'm talking about, Coldplay just updated their site with a widget section (There's already a thread for that) and one of the wallpapers there has the notes for Postcards From Far Away..

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I remember someone posting an article of odd things celebrities ask for when they go places,

And I remember that Coldplay gets postcards from every place they go to.


Maybe that song is about all the postcards they've collected?

Well, at least the title anyway.


I think that's adorable !


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I laid it all out in Garageband based off the wallpaper of the sheet music from their site and it sounds pretty cool. I'll have to upload if someone hasn't already.


It's not the full sheet music, i think half of it but you get the idea!

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Postcards From Far Away mp3s!

I'd like to apologize for making extra threads about the song, but I wanted the first post to have the downloads without any trouble. :wink2:


I'm a sub novice when it comes to piano, so instead of playing the music out, I put it all down in Finale and then exported it as a midi. I converted the midi to an mp3 in Garageband. Since there's no way of knowing the key, I used C Major for the sake of ease. There's two tempos, 70 bpm and 120.


It's obviously not the whole song, and it's all chopped up because the wallpaper cuts off in the middle. But it's better than nothing! :laugh4: Hope everyone enjoys! :)


70 bpm http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?somlmyocvxm


120 bpm http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jyim3ijbmhi


Edit: Oops! Somehow I didn't notice the peddle wasn't down for half the song. Excellent testing I suppose. :stunned: I would suggest redownloading if yours sounds choppy. Sorry.


All credit to coldplayer Howell Jenkins who posted this thread earlier....

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