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  1. Well here's hoping that they sort something out! Tried purchasing all three times but got booted out into the site's waiting room just as I was about to pay. Talk about frustration. Wholeheartedly agree that they should do a 2nd night if it's possible
  2. They played the full album at the gig (:
  3. 2005dan, I don't recall him ever saying anything as such. Ever.
  4. It was explained by the band that it's an "either or" title. You can call it whatever you prefer, though it's been just called Viva La Vida most of the time.
  5. After listening to the album a few times, I think it's really a very different (but great!) record. I do agree with some of the opinions, in which the first part of the record is a little disjointed. It feels like a mishmash of songs just tacked together with no flow. I'd like to give some constructive criticism though (It's just my opinion).. The first part of the album could've used some segues between the songs (like a transition, where the song fades/connects to each other) so that it would've been less jarring and more cohesive as if it were telling one whole story. The band did it
  6. I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. An average of 30mb for each song? And it's not even lossless or FLAC; It's WAV.
  7. LOL I wonder how long it'll be before new threads start coming up claiming they saw it on wikipedia. Hope no one take it too seriously though. :/
  8. Someone should try editing wikipedia saying Coldplay's MX-era costumes have been confirmed as elephant suits
  9. You do know that anyone can just edit and update information on Wikipedia right? I wouldn't take it as gospel at the moment until a more reliable source announces it.
  10. ROFL oh god, I remember him! Anyway I really like what Mark's posted, and I really share the frustration. I believe many (not all) of us do; Most of them are those who've seen Coldplay evolve from their roots til today. Some people are kind of misunderstanding what all the frustration is all about though. It's not that we hate Coldplay. It's the opposite, in fact. It's not that we don't want Coldplay to evolve. It's just that this... isn't evolving. Especially when you know how much potential Coldplay has. I get the feeling that many years from now, maybe a decade or so, when we hear
  11. As I mentioned earlier, I think they're at a stage where it's really become popularity over quality, instead of quality over popularity.. Writing a song for the sake of wanting it to be a big hit, concentrating so hard to "re-make" a Viva La Vida 2.0 with all the singalong gimmicks. Not that Paradise is a bad song, it's a good pop song but Coldplay can really do better. And anyway I didn't know that wanting to get better = being more commercialised. And I agree, I think the band have really started to drift away from what made them originally Coldplay and so unique. Which is sad because it
  12. I KNEW IT! I knew there was a part of the song which sounded so familiar! Hahaha
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