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How much piano does Martin play on Viva?


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I was reading the credits in the booklet to the new album and came across something that said "supporting players." I also remember reading somewhere that Martin had been taking a break from the piano to focus on his vocals. I think I read that in one of the Prospekt messages. Also, some of the songs don't sound like his style of playing. Especially Cemetaries of London and Violet Hill (the part at the end).

I was just wondering if anyone knew how much piano Martin played on this album. Its been in my mind ever since I bought the album and listened to the songs over and over again.

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I know Chris is quite modest when it comes to his piano playing...but there isn't any piano on the album that I now think he didn't play...Many bands aren't able to mix in a piano in their songs and make it sound so good as Chris Martin or Ben Folds.


The album is very heavy on the instrumentals/synths, effects, etc...but Chris is a lot better at piano, guitar, etc more than he'll ever give himself credit for.

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well I think that there is someone else playing (as u said u read "supporting players") but if there is I guess it´s may just be a matter of the recording process that needs more instrument to be played together...surely all the melodies are made by the guys inspiration and I really don´t think anybody has "help" chris in writing cemeteries of london´ nor violet hill´s melody,....

but, as on the concert, there are probably other players playing synths or stuff like that...as was yellow on the live 2003 for example: chris had no guitar, he just sang

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