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Bikini-clad Cambridge student arrested for attacking "jelly-wrestling" spectator


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Pictured: The bikini-clad Cambridge student arrested for attacking spectator at jelly-wrestling match



Last updated at 11:30 AM on 20th June 2008



A Cambridge University student was handcuffed and marched to a police car after launching an extraordinary attack on a spectator at a jelly-wrestling competition.

Minutes earlier, shamed Classics student Nadia Witkowski had been wallowing around in a paddling pool full of red jelly, wrestling fellow scantily-clad students in an attempt to win a £250 prize.

But after being booed by onlookers who judged the Trinity College student to have lost the match, the 23-year-old lashed out at a spectator, punching her on the nose.


article-1027964-01AE844400000578-965_468x286.jpg Larking around in the jelly: Nadia Witkowski (right) during her wrestling match with a blonde student before things turned nasty




article-0-01AE845800000578-215_468x388.jpg The tables are turning: Nadia's opponent grips her in a headlock just seconds before the crowd judge the blonde the winner


She then attacked two bouncers, attempting to headbutt one, before police were called and she was arrested.


Ms Witkowski had been taking part in the college's notorious end of year drinking party, dubbed Suicide Sunday, to celebrate her graduation.


After being jeered she lashed out and punched a girl who was wearing butterfly wings in the face, leaving her with a bloodied nose.


Wearing a white bikini and smeared in jelly, she grabbed a bottle of Lambrini and fled towards the exit.



Handcuffed: Ms Witkowski is led away by police


Her path, however, was blocked by two bouncers who blocked her path and attempted to confiscate her drink. Undeterred, Ms Witkowski lashed out again, punching one bouncer and attempting to headbutt the other.

Police were called to the party at Trinity Old Fields, Cambridge, at 1.30pm on Sunday and Ms Witkowski was arrested. She was later cautioned by officers for common assault.

The 'Blazers and Bikinis' bash was the 79th 'Suicide Sunday' party organised by the Wyverns - an infamous all male Magdalene College drinking society.

Suicide Sunday has become a drunken tradition that marks the start of the University's summer ball season, with five separate garden parties held by different drinking clubs.



Undergraduate Pete Coulthard, 21, of St John's College, watched the drama unfold.

He said: "It all kicked off after her fight. The crowd gets to chose the victor by cheering - the fighter with the loudest cheers wins.

"Nadia had been a bit aggressive, and probably wasn't as attractive as the other girl, so she was booed although she'd probably been the better fighter.

"She went mad and punched a girl dressed as a butterfly standing at the edge of the crowd. Blood gushed from her nose everywhere. Then she grabbed a bottle of Lambrini and tried to escape.

"Security wouldn't let her out of the grounds with alcohol so she punched one guard and headbutted another.

"They had to restrain her. She was still in her white bikini, all covered in jelly."

The victim, who declined to be named, said Witkowski made an inaudible comment in an aggressive manner before lashing out in an "unprovoked attack".

She was later told by police her attacker had been "very apologetic for her behaviour".

Another eye-witness, who did not wish to be named, said: "Witkowski turned around and punched a girl in the crowd. She fell back and her nose literally exploded.

"It was hilarious. She went berserk. The bouncer asked her to put the bottle aside and she just kicked off.

"She tried to headbutt one of the bouncers. She was just still going for them so they had to call in reinforcements and sort of hold her down until the police came.

"They gave her several attempts to calm down."

Tickets for the garden party cost £13 and included food, live music and booze. The booze supplied was vodka, Lambrini and lethal homemade punches.

The jelly-wrestling is a recent tradition at the annual garden party.

Four bikini clad wrestlers were fighting for a £250 prize in a 6ft by 6ft paddling pool.

There are two semi-finals and one final. Nadia lost the second semi-final.

A Wyverns spokesman said: "Unfortunately, there was one minor incident in which our security company felt it appropriate to call the police.

"Such behaviour is unacceptable and the person will not be admitted to future garden parties."

One shocked University source said: "This sort of thing sounds like something out of the Big Brother house and not the sort of thing we would expect at Cambridge."

A spokesman for Cambridge University said the party may not be held next year in light of the incident. He said: "The college deplores conduct of that kind.

"As it was a matter that was dealt with by the police and the police have taken action regarding the individual involved we now regard the matter as closed.

"The venue will no longer be made available for future use."

Cambridgeshire police said they were called to Trinity Old Fields, off Grange Road, at 1.30pm and a 23-year-old woman from Milton Keynes was arrested and cautioned for assault.

He said: "We were called at 1.30pm by a security guard who said a woman was assaulting people, and had assaulted him.

"She was arrested, taken to a police station, and given a caution for common assault."

Witkowski refused to comment on the incident.

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