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British mother arrested in Spain after 'leaving young son to "fry" on beach


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British mother arrested in Spain after 'leaving young son to burn on beach for 12 hours'


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:11 PM on 22nd June 2008



article-0-01B4A9F300000578-233_233x423.jpgThe mum was arrested at the beach at Benalmadena in Spain after allegedly leaving her five-year-old son out in the sun for 12 hours


A British mother has been arrested in Spain after she allegedly left her five-year-old son to burn on a baking hot beach for 12 hours while she went to work.

The boy's mother, aged 19, reportedly left him playing in the sand at the popular resort of Benalmadena, in the Costa del Sol, where he suffered serious sunburn and had to be later admitted to hospital.

According to locals, at around 10am the woman went to work at the top of the beach for five hours, but failed to collect her child when she finished her shift.

The boy is said to have later made his way to the stall, reportedly covered in blisters.

A local source told the News of the World: 'He looked desperate for a drink and was crying his heart out.

'The stallholder managed to get the girl on the phone at around 8pm.

'But it was nearly 10pm before she turned up, claiming she couldn’t find anyone to give her a lift.

'She started screaming and threatening people who had helped out.'

Police arrested the woman at the scene, having being called earlier in a bid to find her.

A local police spokesman refused to comment except to confirm: 'It’s being dealt with by National Police.'

It is believed the woman is from Scotland and moved to Spain after meeting a man on holiday there.

A police source added: 'The burns were serious enough to warrant hospitalisation.

'She could be charged with abandonment and child neglect.'

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