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Coldplay to play Tel Aviv 100th Anniversary Concert?


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As Israeli city Tel Aviv gears up to its 100th anniversary in 2009, Jewtastic can reveal that local government bosses have set their sights on Duran Duran to perform a headlining concert as well as applying for permission to use the group’s instrumental song Tel Aviv as a theme for the city.


According to a Tel Aviv Municipality city insider, Duran Duran have emerged as the top act for a celebrate Tel Aviv concert being planned in 2009.


“We have been thinking about Duran Duran for a number of years and with 2009 being the 100th anniversatry of Tel Aviv, now is the right time to get them here,” the insider told Jewtastic. “We are also looking at a song for the city and the group have the perfect anthem with their song Tel Aviv. There are plenty of songs that celebrate cities like New York and London and Duran Duran’s Tel Aviv is the type of tune we would like for our city.”


Promoters of the concert would have to be certain that the multi-million shekel fee paid to the band would provide a return and also draw the crowds. A concert this month by indie artist Morrissey had be scaled down following disappointing ticket sales which left promoters choosing a smaller venue for the star.


In 2007, Duran Duran were linked to an advertising campaign for the city which planned to run an international TV campaign to attract tourists in 2008. “We were looking at Duran Duran then but there was no budget as the focus was on Israel 60 and not any specific city,” the insider said. “Now with Tel Aviv 100 we think there is a good association with Duran Duran.”


Other acts who are said to be on the shortlist of headlining artists for the concert include: Coldplay, Counting Crowes, Maroon 5 and Madonna.



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