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I can think of one really nice one in the Chris pics thread...oh gee, where'd you get the inspiration for this thread? Hmmm?;) There are lots of talented ppl on here, so I'm sure this thread will flourish!:D


Hah, yep, I was just trying to figure out how to use that one as my avatar when you asked Angie how, so I figured I'd just let you have it. :P


But now I want to find my own! I need moving pics of Chris. NOW. :stunned:

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I haven't learned how to do it yet, but I know you can do it with GIMP, and it's free to download. I guess it's pretty user-friendly from what people have said, and I'm going to try one,so if it works, I'll let you know. I'm sure more expert users will be happy to tell you how to do it in the meantime.:)


(Thalia and Chavi are both good at it, as far as I know.)

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