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Another song inspired by Coldplay


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Hi folks!


After "You & Me" I've just finished a first demo of another song which was inspired by Coldplay. The song is called "Honesty (is what we don't need now).


You can listen to it here:




Please let me know what you think. :) Has the ending been taken from another Coldplay song or does it just remind me of something?



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This is the latest mix of the song:




I'd be happy if someone had a listen and would tell me what she/he thinks. It's a lot of work to play all the instruments and do the mixing alone and I'd really appreciate an honest feedback (I can't afford Mr Eno :)).

By the way, all instruments are virtual, that is there are no real instruments in the song (although it may sound so :cool:)

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Thanks. :) I really appreciate feedback and I'm happy you like the song.


I record all my songs alone at home, so unfortunately I have no album out. You can have a listen to some of my songs here though




...or visit my Myspace site:





The song where you can hear the Coldplay influence most is probably "You & Me", but I started using that delay in many other songs as well.

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