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want to make a trip as a backpacker in south america


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has always wanted to travel to these beautiful Third World countrys but do not want to do this because of fear even knowing that culture is good the countries are beautiful no longer have to do it alone


hello by 2009 i will travel to some countries in south america if someone always want to do this and want to join us this is the information:

is in the end of January 2009

during approximately one month is made by bus through the borders of these countries ECUADOR , Bolivia, PERU, Argentina, Chile, visiting the places most famous of these countries

to leave ... the trip start in colombia cali... but if you want to join us in some other country that we will pass its great...

anyway while you travel you meet people from all over the world doing the same routes... IM VERY HAPPY....:)

contact me if you like the idea or u have some tips.....because you already do this

the trip is very cheap...if u know what ur doing you have to investigate a lot.

THANKS...:cool: this are the webs that can help you if u wanna do this in other time






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