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asking for member for coldplay style band !

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hi !! :) :)


so i am new here but i am not to post on topics or anything. i just want to use this topic to ask something :)


so i am playing keyboards and i am wondering if there are some musicians who would like to collaborate with me to create music in the style of coldplay.


any instrument like guitar, bass guitar, singers of course ! or even keyboards.


location is not important since we will mainly record though the net.


so common ! lets make music :) send me a pm (if there is function in this forum) :)

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mmm well I got some things I'd like to say:


I've been playing for a little time so I'm not much of an expert, I need more practice and experience but I've always thought that someday I'd like to have a band with guys who like coldplay and the few bands I like but around here people with that taste for music lack.


About that thing of location, I find it very interesting that you would like or are willing to make music this way, without being with the person you're working and I say why not, sounds cool but I don't really think it's the same, I mean like jamming around with all the guys in a same room, it's like by listening to the others you feel it and the music comes out from you, but anyways, it doesn't mean it wouldn't work

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