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Band/Artist Recommendations (for everyone)...


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I figured that i'd make a thread in which people can post certain bands that they recommend other people to listen to. I was also thinking about making this thread so, let's say you are into a band and you want to find another band to get into that's similar people can post their recommendations.


personally I recommend people to give a listen to The Album Leaf... I've been listening to them alot.


also i've been looking to get into some more music, and was looking if anyone has any recommendations. The kinds of band's i'm aiming towards are kind of electronica type music like The Album Leaf/Radiohead/Thom Yorke

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Okay, now here is a band you should all check out. They are from Nova Scotia, and they are called Wintersleep. I know Mo has mentioned them a few times here.


Anyways, here is a link to their myspace. Please check them out and let me know what you think.




Edit for the_gloaming09....not really electronica haha


Have you checked out Holy Fuck? They're awesome. Two members from Wintersleep used to be in the band.

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