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Rush of Blood to the Head - Signed, Sealed, Numbered


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I've been a fan since 2000, although I'll admit that my obsessiveness has waned in the last couple of years.


I won this CD at the album launch party in Vancouver. The party was held at the Purple Onion in Gastown and I won it by answering the question "What is Chris Martin's drug of choice." Given this was Vancouver (pot capital of Canada), I was the only one who answered "none". The album was pre-signed as part of the promotional activities for the Rush of the Blood worldwide launches. This party is also where I got the promotional postcard pack.


I'm selling this CD because my husband has an unsigned, opened, numbered copy of the album and we have other rarities (such as Mince Spies - which I also won from a contest on the long-gone black forum on coldplay.com by answering the question "which country was Spies banned in?" answer: China) that we are happy to hold on to instead.


There's no point in us keeping this sort of collector's item if there are fans out there who would get more enjoyment out of it than us.

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well you just shut up our skeptical mouths. Forgive my last comment, it's just annoying when nonfan's (unlike yourself) come on to forum's like this for the single purpose of selling something. Considering it was your first post I wasn't very intent on taking you seriously. and lol to the drug of choice :P

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