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Time for a new album!

i heard they were starting to record a new one november/december end this year!! good job boys!

getting way to bored with the las album lol and i cant hear in my place anymore cos i just have heard it way too much!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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i'd love a new album too, but with all the b-sides they've given us, i feel like we did get a new album. i'm not sick of robtth yet!


i don't think they're gonna have a new album out by november/december. that seems so soon!


nah thats when they start recording :(

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didn`t chris say that the next album will b out 2 years afta a rush...so that would b autum 2004 :o awww thats another year away :/

Im not sick of a rush of blood to the head tho.....even tho i know all the words to the whole album lol :lol:

luff Kirsten



well if they do start recording end this year then it would be out next year obviously :P

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