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  1. Yeah, it is impressive... but also a bit boring, don't u think? Bah, I don't care football anyways... It's sunny here, and warm weather. Wanna come? :P
  2. Yeah, I also hope to find it in maximum 2 months or I'm gonna kill someone! :angry: :angry: The Manc Derby, woooow!! I'll tell it to Rumi. He is so happy with Barça, they're winning in the las 16 match, consecutively!! :stunned: :stunned:
  3. Bird flu! :lol: :lol: I'm also alive, thanks! :P I'm working, but writing here hidden from my boss :P Still a bit worried about all the flat searching but fine!
  4. Waaaahey, Daryl!! How are you? I'll check my mailbox afterwards. Hope all is well, hun! :D
  5. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEENITO!! So glad to see you around! :kiss: Officially back? Huuuum, not sure... I was just having a look. My PC crashed so I only can use the one at work, but the bosses are always around... But heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, it's nice coming here sometimes! :D :D
  6. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? Jess and Doogie got married!!!??? Woooowwwwwwwwwww!! What a fantastic new!! It is... wow, I'm speechless! And why no one told me? (maybe because you're not coming here lately, stupid!) :P Woops! Maybe I better go back and edit that post of mine before this spreads furthermore. Heya Noni! I'm still here to welcome you back always ;) PS. Read page 7 of this thread haha. I just read it! I was so excited! I was biting my nails waiting for the pictures! Damn you liar Reilly!! :angry: But heeeeey, thanks again for t
  7. I'm thinking in how much I miss the old times in here... and now I don't know where are most of the people I used to talk with then... :(
  8. And yeah, I've met Daryl (three times!) and also Evori (Eva). Grrrrrrrrreat people!! :kiss:
  9. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? Jess and Doogie got married!!!??? Woooowwwwwwwwwww!! What a fantastic new!! It is... wow, I'm speechless! And why no one told me? (maybe because you're not coming here lately, stupid!) :P
  10. Nenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Te has adelantado, estaba escribiendo mi post y aparece el tuyo!!!! :P
  11. Helloooooooooooooooooooo!! :D I'm still with Coldplay hangover from last night. It was really really good!! I was with Daryl (Bart) and their friends Mark and Paul, which it made it more special. We really really enjoyed it!! There were more than 18.000 people in the stadium, which it's amazing! Honestly I prefer when the band played in small venues, with just around 3.000 people, but what can we do? The guys are bigger and bigger and we can stop it... In my opinion the best time was when they played 'Clocks' and 'Talk', the lights were great and people were crazy. I was sitting
  12. noni

    Noni's Birthday

    Yeah, I AM the boss!! :cool: Well, just this week 'cause I'm alone at the office... :P I'm glad you're with him, oooooh! How long are you together? Love is treating me well too, I'm also still with my boy. And we're searching a flat to move together, aaaaaaaargh, that sounds a bit scary! :stunned:
  13. noni

    Noni's Birthday

    At the cinema? Well, at least you can watch films for free, or not? One of my friends used to work in one and I was there every week, hehe! Yeah, my job is fine, but also tired and with lots of responsability, but I can't complain... And yeaaaaah, you could move here and be my assistant! ;) And what about love? How is your boy? Still with him? I hope...
  14. noni

    Noni's Birthday

    It's going very well, people is crazy to get married, lots and lots of weddings!! But more work for us, he-he! And you? Where are you working now?
  15. noni

    Noni's Birthday

    Heeeeeey, queen Mimi!!! *makes a bow* How are you, dear? I'm ok, thanks! Just too busy but ok. And what about you? I'm very glad to see you around! :D :D
  16. Standing, always standing, that's how you feel the real excitement...
  17. noni

    Noni's Birthday

    Heeeeeey, one month late!! I know I'm an horrible person, but I'm totally lost outside... But better late than never! Biiiiiiig thaaaaaaaaaaaank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday!! Yeah, it was a good day!! Hope everyone is well and having fun! Lots and lots of kisses to everyone!! :kiss: :kiss:
  18. ^^ Yeaaaaah, and a spanish is gonna be the world champion!! ALONSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! True, I'm listening Turin Brakes The next poster has a boyfriend/girlfriend
  19. Not sure if it's Clocks... :/ The next poster is gonna watch F-1 tomorrow... :sneaky:
  20. I'm going! And I'll take some people from England, weeeeeeeeeh!! And the tickets are sold ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!! Woooow, it's gonna be too much huge, aaaargh! :confused:
  21. Mine was Queen's Greatest Hits II, in July 1992. It was a present.
  22. I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... :dozey: I'm too much simple about sandwichs... Nutella is good, salmon with cheese cream is good, chicken with salad and mayonaise is good, ham and bacon is good, all the sandwichs are good!
  23. Yeah! he was partying at da house...he wasn't dead... :cool: Damn it!! I thought he was totally out of the net... The oldies are getting back at home, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :cool:
  24. :lol: :lol: Thanks dear!
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