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SURVIVOR Prospekt's March EP Round 4! Please vote!!


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It’s now few days since the EP was released worldwide, so high time we had another go at ‘Survivor’ – if only to see if our tastes have changed since the last LP.


For those of you not familiar with this, basically in each round, you choose a song from Prospekt's March to vote OFF – i.e. your least favorite. After 2 days (11am eastern time) the song with the most votes gets booted, and we move on to the next round on until we’re left with the most popular song on the EP, as voted by you.


So, here we go with Round 4… Get voting, kids.


1 - Life in Technicolors 2


3 - Glass Of Water

4 - Rainy day

5 - Prospekt's March



8 - My feet won't touch the ground

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