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Sounds on X&Y


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Hey, I was interested if anyone on here knew about the equipment and effects that used on X&Y. More specifically, songs like Square One, White Shadows, Talk, Speed of Sound ect, have what seems like a synth that creates almost an atmospheric backdrop for the songs...if you dont know what i am talking about, it is most apparent the first couple of seconds of White Shadows and the intro to Square One... and those types of sounds seem to be used lots throughout the record.


Does anybody know what the band uses to create these?

Any ideas are welcome


oh, and if this is a waste of a thread, if there isnt already one, maybe it could become the official xy sounds/effects thread??? just a thought



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If it helps, here's the effects Jonny used to play live during the Twisted Logic Tour. It won't be exactly what was used in the studio, but it will give you a good idea of where to start, since most of the effects were/are on his parts:



Boss TU2 tuner

Pro Co RAT Vintage Rat distortion

Boss TR2 tremolo

Boss RV3 reverb

Boss DD5 delay

MXR Micro Amp

Line 6 DL4 delay (x2)

Colorsound Tonebender fuzz



TC Electronic 2290 Delay

Lexicon MPX G2

Korg DTR1

In addition, Guy used an old Korg Synth from the 70's for the intro to Square One, but I don't know the specific model.

Hope this helps:D

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