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Coldplay tops the top 10 of 2008 on last.fm


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It's probably not a stretch to say that Coldplay are the biggest band in the world today. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends was hugely anticipated, and saw the band under even more pressure to deliver the goods financially. Despite poor sales across the board for record labels, it took just three days for it to gain platinum ranking, and now the band have sold around 40 million albums worldwide: They've come a long long way from the rainy beach they shot 'Yellow' on eight years ago.

With Brian Eno at the helm, an announcement that shocked many haughty music purists, Viva la Vida... became a spacious, ethereal creature, decked with choirs and church bells as well as an off-kilter orchestra that did more than just underscore the sad bits. Singles and album tracks share space on the band's most played top ten, proving that the Last.fm listeners responded to more than just iPod adverts and clever videos: there was a depth to the album that demanded repeat plays.

Coldplay recently released the Prospekt's March EP, containing unreleased unreleased tracks from the Viva la Vida... sessions. They will be touring in support of the EP and the album well into 2009.

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Yeah before i got the album which was like 3 weeks ago......... I listened to the albums short tracks on last.fm....and I kept playing it because it kept me hypnotized like i wanted to listen to uplifting beats and strings that have never heard b4.......so thats why i think coldplay topped...last.fm .viva is just mysterious and amazing in some way.

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