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Chris & Gwyneth home in London


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I have a question. In the newspapers or in the press i have read that chris & gwyneth live in the london's belsize park. Is that right or wrong? The house from them must be very big or not that someone could see it from outside that someone from the promis or stars live in there? And i have read that chris sometimes walks around there. however i was in march last year in london for holiday and looked around in the belsize park but noc chris martin no house from them it seems to me and a very big city part, too big to walk around there.

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i went there yesterday and it is a really nice area with really nice houses around. sometimes you can't really see how big the houses are just by their front...

and it makes sense that they live there as in some interviews chris said he lived walking distance from the bakery, which is also in belsize park...

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