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Coldplay used at my church...


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Well, some of the youth pastors run these vespers sessions at church and the next 6 or so are all apart of a series with each lecture/talk entitled w/ a Coldplay song... first one is "The Scientist", and the whole series is called "Live The Life (Viva la Vida)".


Apparently there's going to be live performances of each song at every session, and the pastors are asking for people that know the songs to perform... I just might, since I know every song on the drums (and a few on the piano, guitar, and bass...).


Well whaddya think? Think it's kinda weird? Cool?


I'm not Christian so you won't be offending me. :P

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So many Coldplay songs have themes of devotion or redemption, I'm not surprised someone thought of using the band's music in a Christian youth service.


Personally I've always thought Yellow would be a good fit in that way. It's pert of the genius of their music that the love they speak of is open to such wide interpretation by us listeners.

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