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Plajia exclusive new song + contest


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Plajia Contest: Play a puzzle game while listening to new song I Seek You


Plajia is proud to announce is first contest to celebrate the new year.


You can now have a sneak peak of the upcoming new Plajia CD's titled Sitis (coming February 2003).

The featured new song is called I Seek You.

To heard the new song, you just need to enter the contest.


What is the challenge?

It's very easy, you have to play a puzzle game that use the new album covert art.

The lenght of the song that will play in the background while you're playing the puzzle game represent the time you have to solve the puzzle. If you got it in time, you win a chance of having great prizes like autographed Sitis album and more!


Enter the contest NOW! and let me heard the exclusive new Plajia track!


Happy holidays! ;)

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