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Save Our Club!


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Hi everybody,


Just wondering whether you could help me out, you seem the helpful types.


I support Weymouth FC an english football (soccer) club, and unless they recieve donations off people they will be extinct by next tuesday. We're in 300k worth of dept because of a past chairman who was a fraud.


So I ask whether you could make a small donation to help our cause, a fiver off most people on this forum would get us a lot of money. If you check out our donation site (http://www.saveourclub.co.uk) you can see that we are offering pixel advertising, so if you want to put a Coldplay logo on there say, donate £10 and it would be there, and with all other Coldplay fans donating it would be sure to get quite big. It would then have a link to either this Coldplaying site, or the official site. There were 7,000 unique hits yesterday on the site so it is popular.




^^^ this link is used to tell the website owner what logo you would like to be put on the site, fill in all the details.


Then to make the donation you go to this site




Thanks for reading, I hope some of you can make donations of some sort, and get Coldplay shown on our site and say they are truly great fans.


This video should show you some more about us - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BldXmZqVpdU]YouTube - Save Our Club - Weymouth FC[/ame]

Viva La Vida!

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