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  1. I've got tickets for Manchester! Is anyone else going?
  2. Oh I see! I did see Denmark but I thought Herning was a different city :embarrassed:
  3. Why is it not on this list though? Have they added more dates? http://www.robbiewilliams.com/news-blogs/swings-both-ways-live-tour-announcement I'm happy for you of course, just wondering :)
  4. Yeah I'm hoping to go! Think I'll try to get tickets for Birmingham because it's on a Saturday. If not, I'll try to get tickets for Manchester but it wouldn't be ideal if I have work the next day. Why can't he come to Liverpool or at least do more shows on a Friday/Saturday? :embarrassed: Copenhagen isn't on the list or did I miss something? I love the new album. I think it's his best album since Escapology. I particularly like 'Swings Both Ways' and 'Little Green Apples' is so beautiful.
  5. Just drink coffee and Red Bull to keep you awake. Chocolate (and sugar in general) also helps. I sometimes had a nap after I got home from uni if I was too tired to do work. I often felt like I was wasting my time if I had exams/essay deadlines but I hardly ever did any work before 7 anyway.
  6. 1) How does the public transports works? Are they well organized and secure? Is it easy to orient yourself in the city? There's buses but you can walk to most places. They seem alright but I can't say I've used them very often. I've never been to Cambridge on my own (one of my best friends studies there) but i'm sure you'll be fine, it's quite a small city. 2) I need a list of "cheap" shops where i can buy some cool clothes, something along the side of Zara, Bershka, H&M. Same as in any other British city. H&M, Oasis, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, River Island, Oasis, Nex
  7. I got 77% That's somewhere around Hull. How random!
  8. It depends on where you wanna go. Train tickets can be quite cheap if you book in advance. Coaches are much cheaper but they mightn't be ideal if you don't have much time. Where are you planning to go? I wouldn't just go to London, there are much nicer places in the UK.
  9. I once complained about a work colleague because he called in sick on a very busy day (I was sure he was lying) and I sent the text to him rather than to another colleague. He never mentioned anything about it.
  10. It is bad because many people in this country can't afford it. Pointing out that people in other countries are paying more isn't gonna help.
  11. I didn't spend a lot of time in Scotland so I probably won't be able to help you a lot but here are a few tourist attractions that are worth visiting: Glasgow: - Pollock Country Park - Willow Tea Rooms - Buchanan Street and St Enoch Centre (for shopping) Edinburgh: - Go to the beach - Old Town - National Museum of Scotland - Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh Zoo
  12. I don't think it snows a lot but if it does snow, you mightn't be able to get there or you could get snowed in. If you're gonna be in the UK for a while, I probably wouldn't plan a trip for December... otherwise you just have to take the risk, I guess. I used to live in Liverpool and the whole city centre turned into an ice rink when it snowed for a couple of days a few years ago, it was so dangerous. I also got snowed in when I visited someone in Sunderland once :lol: I'm guessing Scottish cities will be better prepared but you wouldn't wanna go there if it snows unless you absolutely have
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