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I want your opinion on my favourate song.


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My favourate song by coldplay is A message and my dream is to here coldplay sing it live but somehow i dont think that will happen.


What do u make of the song..I love it because it just feels me with emotion and complete closure..in my opinion an unbelievable song and one I long to here every day of my life.


Do you like it? If so why


Do you dislike it? if so why


Or do u rarely listen to it? if so..listen to it :P


I no its a random thread but im intrigued by opinions...if u want to here a good version go to http://www.youtube.com and type in A message Acoustic...its brilliant

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Walking out onto the shooting range here, I honestly am not the biggest fan. It's not like I skip it when playing X&Y, but depending on how I feel, it competes with "What If" for my least favorite track on the album. The lyrics are just okay, and I like that riff after the second chorus, but to me it feels like an inferior version of "Swallowed in the Sea", which is just a few tracks later.


That said, it translates well acoustically.

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