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  1. As an actual Cat Power fan, I think this is pretty standard fare for both artists. (I also am just principally against this movie, as even though I like Zach Braff, he is responsible for Garden State, which bred an entire generation of self-proclaimed "sentimental" teenagers who wet themselves over embarrassing cliches and think listening to bubblegum pop makes them "indie".)
  2. I'm kinda surprised this is getting panned more than Mylo Xyloto. I remember basically being lynched on here for daring to say negative things about that album. Ghost Stories isn't great, but damn is it infinitely more listenable than MX.
  3. 1. AROBTTH 2. Parachutes 3. X&Y 4. Viva la Vida 5. Ghost Stories 6. Mylo Xyloto
  4. LOL, Pitchfork called Sky Full of Stars the highlight. They didn't get their Coldplay fan writer to review it, though.
  5. AV Club: B- "Coldplay goes quiet on Ghost Stories, with one terrible, notable exception" http://www.avclub.com/review/coldplay-goes-quiet-ghost-stories-one-terrible-not-204733
  6. 1. O 2. Oceans 3. The other inferior songs that don't begin with the letter "O" Okay, I'll give scores: Always in My Head - 8 Magic - 4 Ink - 6 True Love - 6 Midnight - 5 Another's Arms - 7 Oceans - 9 A Skyfull of Stars - 2 O - 10
  7. They gave 5's to Parachutes and AROBTTH yet gave a 7.0 to MX, so their priorities are very screwed up when it comes to Coldplay. Unless they get their closet Coldplay fanboy Ian Cohen to review it, then he'll give it an 8.
  8. I haven't been active here the last several years so I have no idea what "Car Kids" is, but did people finally stop asking about Famous Old Painters? I've only listened to this album once, but A Skyfull of Stars is basically their label saying "Guys, this album is too mellow for the masses who discovered you through Paradise so we need you to shit out an EDM number for their sake." I'm okay with it being a short album. The latest Lykke Li album is 9 tracks too and it's incredible.
  9. High Speed A Whisper What If Yes All of them (okay, Every Teardrop) A Skyfull of Stars
  10. Are either worth listening to beyond their 2nd album?
  11. Caught this guy a couple weeks ago with almost no knowledge of his material. Yeah, that was a ton of fun. Felt like I was having an awesome drunk time in a joyful bar, except I was sober and wasn't at a bar at all.
  12. I know they have a decent following on this board, but in every other sector of life, it's Snow Patrol. Sappy, repetitive love ballads for 19-year-old girls that sounds the same every album. And I can't get enough of it.
  13. Meh. On one hand, it feels like a more realized version of the singles from MX, which sounded like half-baked synthpop tracks with weird effects on Chris's voice for no reason. This sounds like a better version of ETIAW to me, which is probably still my least favorite Coldplay song ever. On the other hand, that still doesn't mean I like this, and it's the production that kills it for me. The house drop and all the layers AVICII added just take away from the song. Naturally, this will probably be their biggest hit here in the US since Viva, because even that hillbilly-sounding AVICII song fr
  14. Didn't end up seeing Kaiser Chiefs like I hoped to, and I sold my Franz Ferdinand ticket too. The working life's a bitch sometimes. Upcoming: - Pet Shop Boys - CHVRCHES - Coachella - The National - Elbow - New Order
  15. Cross-posting this since this is a more active thread. A separate video shoot has been added to Saturday the 22nd at 1:30pm. You have to apply through 1iota's waitlist and leave a note about why you love Coldplay. http://1iota.com/show/359/A-Very-Special-Performance-From-Coldplay?lb=49964 EDIT: Just saw Tash made a separate thread for it
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