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Songs/albums you like to listen to at different times (driving, at night, etcetera etcetera)


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What are some songs/ albums you like to listen to at different times, like while driving or before you go to sleep, or in the morning, etc.


for me some are:


While Driving/In a Car:

The Album Leaf: Into the Blue Again

Sigur Ros: most of their albums (great for driving where there's a lot of scenery)



Late at Night:

Radiohead-The Gloaming

The Doors-Rider's on the Storm

Radiohead-Dollars and Cents

Neil Young-Harvest Moon

Before I go To Sleep:

John Lennon: Menlove Ave

Beck-Broken Drum

Beck-Sing It Again

Beck- Ramshackle

Radiohead-House of Cards


Radiohead-How to Disappear Completely/Treefingers (both work so well together)

The Doors-Riders on the Storm

Miles Davis-Flamenco Sketches

Panda Bear-Search For Delicious


Music to move around to/energy songs:

MGMT-Electric Feel

Radiohead-15 Step

Michael Jackson-Billie Jean

Animal Collective-Water Curses

Animal Colelctive-Blue Sky/What Would I Want Sky


Radiohead-The National Anthem

Beatles-Hey Bulldog





there's definetly more songs and more categories but i gotta think of more. what songs/albums would you put into either these categories or you own category?

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some car album favorites:


Sting/All This Time (live)

Sting/Soul Cages album

Radiohead/In Rainbows


David Gray/In Slow Motion

Stevie Nicks/Other Side of the Mirror

Radiohead/Kid A

Bryan Adams/The Best of Me

Bryan Adams/On a Day Like Today

Garth Brooks/Seven


some before bed album favorites:


Enya/A Day Without Rain

Enya/the Memory of Trees

Sting/Ten Summoner's Tales

Dixie Chicks/Home

David Gray/White Ladder



thinking/writing album favorites:


Mark Knopfler/Golden Heart

Moody Blues/To Our Children's Children's Children

Andrew Bird/Noble Beast

Radiohead/Hail to the Thief

Radiohead/OK Computer

Coldplay/Rush of Blood to the Head

Sting/Mercury Falling




Moving around music/cleaning:


Kaiser Chiefs/Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Kaiser Chiefs/Off With Their Heads

Killers/Day and Age

Radiohead/The Bends

Maroon 5/Won't Be Soon Before Long

Billy Idol/Greatest Hits

Coldplay/Viva La Vida



songs would be.. soooooo mixed up lol. I am so nuts with switching songs around that it would be impossible to list. So I have to do it in albums lol

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