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Cologne City Archive collapse

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this is making me angry actually...the Cologne city archive collapsed suddenly yesterday...so far there are "only" 2 people missing...many many important historical documents are being destroyed...some blame it on the subway company who is building a new subway in that area...I can't really explain it in english...so here are some articles if anyone's interested. I just can't believe it, because it was one of the biggest archives north of the alps...and I live in Bonn which is near Cologne...







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well they say there were warnings...they've found cracks in the ceiling of the building in 2007 but didn't take it seriously...it is so scandalous...I can't believe it...those blames are still speculations, but anyways it makes me angry...they've found more cracks in the buildings in the same street, in a church, etc...which appeared since they've started the building of the new subway...who knows...maybe it will be normal in the near future that buildings just collapse in the city, because of this stupid subway thing....god...

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obviously, I'm concerned for the welfare of the missing people.


As a genealogist, the thought of all those documents being damaged or destroyed is dreadful too. And the fact the church may go the same way! its amazing how negligent people can be

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