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My Resignation Thread


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Sorry guys...I feel I've said too much...everyone hates me now...it's time for me to leave. anyway, you guys are really nice, and I hope everything turns out great for all of you. Bye.


















Haha you really thought I was leaving? Nope. Anyway, what was the best thing before they invented sliced bread?

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I'm going to be mature here and not say anything.

If you want to insult where I'm from go ahead, but I don't think people are going to find you funny or witty or anything like that.

I just want to say that while I am his friend and bandmate, I do not support or tolerate racism, and I actually like Canada.:)

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Good for you, Briggins! :)


And I agree with Nick again. Canada is awesome. Even though Canada's baseball team did lose to the USA team 6-5. But that doesn't diminish Canada's awesomeness at all. :D

Baseball sucks...I like baseball

I like Canada...I have been to Oklahoma City you know...

valid point

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