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I HATE ALAN MCGEE CAMPAGIGN! Insulted coldplay again!


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I want to create a I hate Alan Mcgee campagign. I just went onto his twitter and it says "how fucking bad a band are coldplay?/''the public gets what the public wants'' the public tasteless cunts" and he is still insulting eno through the fake guy even though he realises its not him! Now I thank him for bringing Oasis to the world but bar that the man is a rude wanker! Seriously I hate they guy...so immature using twitter to attack a band who are currently better than any band he has signed at the moment.


What do u think of the bastard? Is he jealous? or just caught up in the success of his oasis creation (who in the end left his label) wat do u think?

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I think people just can't stand that such nice and neat fellows are so awesome at making music.. Swearing isn't helping anyone and well, there still are people in this world who are acting like 7 year old kids.


Like worldtrav said, just stand above comments like this :)

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A campaign for what? What would the purpose be? :thinking: I don't see any reason in making a campaign where you do ...what exactly? It just spreads more negativity and wouldn't help, I think. It might just put us in a bad light instead.

Why should we bother what this guy thinks? He's not better than anybody else so why does his stupid comments count more than others (for example unknown people's)?

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