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Rascal Flatts


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Rascal Flatts has a new CD coming out on April 7th and they've got an exciting promotion on itunes for youm the fans, to get some new music from UNSTOPPABLE!


Rascal Flatts will be releasing 1 song per week from their upcoming album, Unstoppable, starting on March 10th! There will be 4 songs available before the album actually releases!


The first song, Here Comes Goodbye, and music video for it will be available on iTunes on March 10th.


March 17th – another song TBD will be releasing on iTunes

March 24th – another song TBD

March 31st – another song TBD

April 7th – album releases


Just visit the itunes store!!! Check out Rascal Flatts at a city near you this summer!

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Yeah, not a lot of people do. I don't even care much for it, and I'm Texan. xD (Not that I follow stereotypes, but you know, some people do.)


In all fairness, though, when I want something different, I have a copy of "Me and My Gang," and that's OK. I think it's b/c Rascal Flatts isn't like, hardcore country.

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I was going to make a thread for this band. I'm not usually into country, but this is more like rock music with some subtle country traits mixed in. But it's not like country crap, it's actually really good music. This song is a really good one:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22OvTeXeLSY]YouTube - Rascal Flatts - Whats hurts the most (+Lyrics)[/ame]

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