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The Snobs - Albatross (free download)


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Ladies and gentlemen,


Mad Rabbit and I, Duck Feeling, created The Snobs few years ago and we produced many albums in a total independence. Our records are completely free and we don't want to sell our music, but we think you could like it so we give it on the internet. We love Stereolab, The Beatles, Radiohead or Sonic Youth and we would like to share with you our new album called Albatross. We recorded it during the last ten months and it sounds like a psychedelic trip of two pirates, somewhere between exotic indian ports and the caribbean sea. Yes, you can hear by yourself!


You can download Albatross for free by clicking one of these three links:


Link n°1

Link n°2

Link n°3


In the archive, you will find the audio tracks in mp3 format and some artwork you can use to build your own gatefold digipack. You will find all our albums and some other goodies on our website: http://huntingbears.free.fr/


Thank you for your interest,

Mad Rabbit and Duck Feeling.

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