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  1. I missed this board. I haven't been here in ages. I was posting at the U2 board for a while after their concert. But I left the U2 board when some sexist pig called me a b*tch. Never went back there. Don't listen to U2 anymore. LOL :P
  2. "You" by the Pretty Reckless "You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel "Someone Like You" - Adele
  3. Lady Gaga Nicky Minaj Britney Spears everything by Rihanna except Umbrella & Where U Been I liked Mcfly's version of Umbrella better than the original. LOL
  4. I saw All Time Low twice. I'm gonna see them again next year with Yellow Card. I've seen Muse too. It was one of the best concerts ever. We might see them again next year.
  5. It was a nice change from Lady Gaga. I am so sick of that overexposed b*tch. Gwyneth has a nice voice. Her music is real, unlike that soulless electronic crap Gaga plays.
  6. Adam Clayton thought the same thing about U2: "Sometimes it seems Adam Clayton has always been an outsider, even within the band. But in the world of U2, extremes always meet. In many ways he is the driving force. It was he who, out of "blind faith and undeniable ignorance," said "We are going to be bigger than the Beatles" when they'd only played a couple of gigs and were at their wildest and most disparate. We meet in a rooftop cafe in Nice. He orders a double espresso even though he has recently given up caffeine. That's just who he is. Worried about revealing too much, but anxious I get
  7. Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here. This is my favorite place on the whole internet. :)
  8. Are you serious? I don't agree with that. It's just wrong.
  9. I try to. I ususally end up stabbing myself with the pin on my poppy. They should make them magnetic or something.
  10. I just watched their mini-film Scotch Mist. It's great. Funny too.
  11. That's one of my favorite Lennon tunes. Such an underrated song. :)
  12. I'm watching Season 5 on DVD right now. I just finished episode #3.
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