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Life is For Living Tattoo?


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I was really considering getting a Coldplay tat especially after this week. I would either get "Life is For Living" which is the motto that i've stuck to for much of my life and meaning don't let things bring you down, because life is too short to not live. Or I would get "The Scientist" because on friday my girlfriend and I were perfect then saturday, she found a text on my phone and I couldnt explain and she needed a reason. So that song is identical to what i was just put through. What do you think?

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Iv'e decided to get a tattoo myself of a Coldplay Phrase. I can relate so much to the song and the phrase always reminds me of the most important person in my life who is no longer with me...Im probaly gonna get it within a month and I will post it here..

Stay cool

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If you live by the phrase "life is for living," my suggestion is to go with that, or something that represents it. :)

Especially from what you described it's something that has an effect on you, a long term one. That's always important when picking what you want for a tattoo

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