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Viva la Vida + Prospekt's March


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Hi, I'm a proud owner of both Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends and Prospekt's March EP. When I bought the definitive version of the album I hoped to find one single CD with all the songs from both D&AHF and P'sMEP, but it wasn't so. I find frustrating to change the CD while I'm listening to them, so I'd like to make one single CD by myself, but I can't really decided in what order I should put the songs together.


For example: I'd put as the first song "Life in Technicolor II", leaving out the first "LiT", but then? Should it be followed by "Cemeteries of London" or by "Postcards from Far Away"? And then, again?


Since I'm not really good at making playlists, I wanted to know your suggestions (I subscribed to this forum mainly for this purpose).


Sorry if there was a thread like this one already.

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