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Twisted Wheel


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Twisted Wheel's music is full of the kind of enthused energy that is lacking in so much of today's music. Think punk like early Clash & The Jam; and 1960's teenage angst of The Kinks and The Who. The vocal delivery suggests Steve Marriott and Paul Weller, and on the most explosive tracks such as the live favourite Lucy The Castle and Oh What Have You Done, the post-punk aggression of Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) and Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts (remember them?). While on Strife Oldham-born singer/guitarist Jonny Brown's vocal delivery is more akin to other contemporary groups like The Arctic Monkeys and The View. But aside from all these references, Twisted Wheel is a young lively band full of energy and spunk.

Terry Lane Buzzin Music


"A fantastically invigorating listen, they go heads down on 10 of the 11 songs Any song could be a single, the lyrics are smarter, more novelistic than such punk requires. Terrific stuff. 8/10”

Teletext Album Review 8/10 John Earls


“With a smear of Oasis, a bite out of the Buzzcocks, and a dollop of Jam, what's new about three Oldham lads in a band named after the legendary northern soul club? Somehow, everything. Every track, especially She's a Weapon and Bad Candy, sounds fresh, aggressive, and sneeringly brilliant. Twisted Wheel haven't started a revolution, but since touring with big names, they're turning quite a few heads”.

Peter Kimpton - Observer Music Monthly


“So strong is the bands imprint that they have truthfully crafted a sound all of their own, with a direct, unfettered new wave punch and a compelling range of infectiously short but memorable tunes. It seems to have been a long time coming, even in the Wheel’s relatively short career, but their debut is worth every penny and every single minute of listening time. An important Mancunian album on any day.

Album of the Week and a maximum 5MMMMMs

Manchester Music JA


“For all the modern Monkeyness of the lyrics, however, musically Twisted Wheel is pure vintage. From the lo-fi production to the frantic guitars and savage vocals, everything about this album screams punk”.

“What is so great about this album is that it marries two completely different eras of music brilliantly- modern Northern indie and punk – and because of this sounds like a breath of fresh air”.

The Music Magazine Laura Rodwell


“This really is a band who will go from strength to strength - the last songwritten for the album - 'Oh What Have You Done' is its undoubted highlight, packed with credit crunch-friendly lines such as "I've got no butter for my toast/no washing powder for my clothes", the mountainous chorus is just the thing to lead The Enemy fans away to these greener pastures”” “A band with tunes to actually match the motor mouth? It may well just catch on”.

Leeds Music Scene Rowan Brunswick


“Recorded in Los Angeles with Oasis producer Dave Sardy, this album rattles along, with taut guitar, military precision drumming and rolling choruses. Promising”.

Mojo *** Lucy O Brien


“Twisted Wheel fuse a garage punk spirit and strength with a contemporary post-Brit Pop, indie rock laddish cool; and I think they are going to be a big shout for 2009 commercial success. Early controlled aggression of The Jam and Oasis. The chorus explodes in a Sham 69 way. Twisted Wheel find absolute power in a tight confined space - If The Kids Are United”!



“Punkier than Pink and Peaches Geldof doing the nasty at a Sex Pistols gig, this is a record you're not going to want to miss. The album has hardly been off the Zen stereo all week”

Winstons Zen


“All in all, Twisted Wheel’s debut is a gem of an album. Think of it as their ‘Definately Maybe’. It echoes everything from raw punk, to Brit-pop, to indie, to soul. This young band are certainly ones to watch this year, and their forthcoming CD is something you should definately go grab”

There Goes the Fear


‘”The Manchester trio picked up a load of fans supporting Oasis last year and now they deserve to cash in with this rabble - rouser - the best us - against - the world chant since The Enemy's Away From Here. Singer Jonny Brown spits out lyrics almost like a rapper while his bandmates easily keep up, making for exhilirating, rock and roll”.

We Are Us - News of the World - single of the week ****




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