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Are there any legends of the old official Coldplay board posting here now?


Remember me?? The biggest one of all?


Yeah okay I banged on about Oasis, but you loved me for it..


anyway people can love both bands and I would like to invite my old mates to the site that I now co-own..


yeah yeah its Oasis, but we have arcade games and a massive general music downloads section.


This is not spam by the way, I was on the old official forum for 4 years and have a genuine affection for Coldplay fans, I hope some of my old friends read this.


Thank you!!


PS I joined as myself last year but I'm buggered if I can remember my password!

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I've posted on Dancing Jesus for 2 years mate, so not spam


I've been a member of the Monkeys forum for 3 years, so again not spam.


just a user promoting a new venture.


Plus I was one of the biggest posters on the official coldplay board so im just looking for old faces that will remember me, there will be some on here cos our old board died

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