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  1. How is our country "fucked up"? You'll be begging for a return to this if/when the Conservatives win I can't believe people are stupid enough to fall for Cameron's cherade.
  2. But he was born on earth and left earth, you mong. Plus he IS moving as he's in a fucking spaceship.
  3. I hate this about Physicists, why do they have no grip on reality? It's fucking obvious why the one in the rocket is the one who doesn't age.
  4. Neither of them are cult. Bill and Ted is just old, doesn't mean it's cult.
  5. Haha, it's just you can download apps for firefox.
  6. I like it because it's customisable. Mouse Gestures and Speed Dial <3 Couldn't live without them now.
  7. He knows what Widmore is doing as he figured it out in the AR and wants to help, he doesn't want to have a life without Penny, he wants to unite the universes
  8. He's a creepy man... In some cases yes, but for the most part no. I'll PM you the meaning because I don't want Mark finding out what it actually means.
  9. Why does "screw" work as a verb for the act of sex? Think about what screwing is, you rotate a screwdriver so that a screw becomes firmly attached to the item...oh no wait that's EXACTLY like sex, my bad.
  10. I know, it's a perfectly valid question, worded in a respectable manner. He has no reason to ignore it other than he knows he is in the wrong. The understanding of word : frequency of usage of word ratio, is hilariously lop-sided with Mark and "troll"
  11. I don't watch Golf, but I hope Tiger wins (if it's even possible) then has sex witha prostitute on the green with his fist raised above his head in a celebratory manner. Can't stand the overreaction to what he does in his own time.
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