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Who wants to play a game


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Ok I got a game. Firstly state your favourate sports team ok and you need to pick a rival and for that rival you need to say which coldplay song or any other song for that matter you think they should run out onto the pitch too.


For example Im aMan United Fan wooo and the team im gunna pick is liverpool


Liverpool - Lost! come the end of the season they will lose everything..get it?


Dont hav a go at me im just bored

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lol i can imagine..didn't u play ur under 18s or something? must of been difficult...u said your an employee what work do u do for them?


Yeah our first team players were allowed to leave after not being paid for 3 months. So the Under 18's had to step in at the last minute and lost 9-0. Rest of the season we picked up only one point from 14 games thus relegating us by 8 points.


My work for the club includes writing an article in the club's matchday programme, and I've just become a co-editor on the official website. Not bad for a 17 year old looking to get into sports journalism.

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