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Radical Muslim dentist refused to treat patients unless they wore traditional Islamic dress


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Radical Muslim dentist refused to treat patients unless they wore traditional Islamic dress


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:24 PM on 02nd July 2009



article-1196970-058E6707000005DC-576_233x423.jpg Dentist Omer Butt faces being struck off after refusing to treat women patients not wearing a headscarf


A dentist faces being struck off after refusing to treat Muslim patients unless they wore Islamic dress.

Dr Omer Butt ordered female patients to wear headscarves and forced men to take off gold jewellery before allowing them into the dentists' chair..


He even kept a box full of hijabs at his practice so he could lend them to women before checking their teeth.


Butt enforced his religious dress code despite previously being warned by the General Dental Council for the same offence.

The dentist ordered two women to wear head scarves before he would see them and their families, the professional conduct committee of the GDC found.

One woman was forced to leave the clinic in pain after refusing to cover her head while another wore the garment but was outraged after Butt asked her son if he prayed.


The panel concluded that Butt, of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, sought to impose a dress code on Muslim patients while working at the Unsworth Smile Clinic in Bury, Greater Manchester, between April 2005 and June 2007.


The GDC committee found: 'Your evidence was that you regard yourself as a Muslim first and a dentist second, and it is clear that you were using your position as a dentist to seek to influence patients as to non-clinical issues.


'You have explained that you had a moral and religious obligation to persuade other Muslims to comply with Islamic requirements.


'You admitted that you would offer rewards to some patients who complied with the dress code.


'The committee concludes that these actions are more consistent with a person who has gone beyond mere persuasion or request and is seeking to impose a dress code.'

The committee heard how the dentist, who is the older brother of extremist Hassan Butt, put up signs asking women to cover their heads in his surgery and asking Muslims to observe religious law.


'Your evidence was that issues in respect of dress code would be raised with patients on a frequent basis,' the committee said.


'It may be that you were not successful in every case and the committee has heard that some female Muslim patients were treated without wearing a head scarf.


'Nonetheless, the committee is satisfied that you had a general policy to seek to impose a dress code with the intention that the patient in question would agree to it.'


The GDC panel, which is sitting in London, will now consider whether this impaired Dr Butt's fitness to practise and, if so, what penalty to impose on him.


This is the second time that the dentist has appeared before a disciplinary committee for his stance on traditional Muslim dress.


In September 2007, Butt received an admonition from the GDC after being found guilty of discriminating against a female patient by refusing to treat her unless she wore 'appropriate Islamic dress'.


The patient said staff at his clinic told her Muslim women had to wear a head scarf and Muslim men could not wear gold jewellery.

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