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Does anyone know which show(s) the tracks were recorded at? I'm very interested to find out. I'm not sure if that information was released anywhere, though.


I was hoping the CD would have the show information somehow included (in the track name, etc.), but nothing.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks for that link...there were a few great tidbits of information, but it still doesn't completely answer my question of where exactly the songs were recorded. I'm not sure that anyone other than the band really knows.

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if i had to guess, and this is pure speculation, is that the songs on LRLRL are a combination of different live versions pasted together to form one. what makes me speculate this is the singing of "Lights Will Guide You Home..." lines from Fix You. the crowd sings them every time, and they all sound exactly the same. So maybe the band created a "super song" by combining different shows? or maybe they didn't and im just paranoid about it? i have no idea. just my $0.02

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