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  1. OMG i think i made that cover back in the day, i havent thought about that in 10 years
  2. i find myself liking this track. feels like Chinese Sleep Chant '21
  3. amazing! looking forward to seeing the finished product. can you provide a full-res download when it's finished? i'd love to re-live the concert again and again!
  4. im having a hard time picking out my favorite, i just cant stop watching!
  5. the details of him creating waves with his foot ~2:30 is incredible. the level of detail is impressive. this video must have taken a long time to create.
  6. best video since Strawberry Swing, hands down.
  7. since it was on the Japanese release and also produced by Stargate, I consider Miracles part of the AHFoD era. fits in nicely between Colour Spectrum and Up&Up
  8. just realised this morning that its the first time they'll properly be in Buffalo. got my tickets this morning, see all you Buffalo (and Southern Ontario) Coldplayers there!
  9. you didn't, im still signed up from last time and got my code. looking forward to the show in Buffalo!!
  10. you can find these on various nefarious internet websites. checked them out, they are the real deal.
  11. just curving away

  12. Thoughts On “A Head Full of Dreams” Well here we are, 18 months later and another Coldplay album is upon us. It really shouldn’t be that surprising though, given the personal nature of 2014’s Ghost Stories and the limited promotion surrounding the release, it was really a matter of time before the band got right back into the studio for another album. And did they ever. A Head Full of Dreams can be described as the colorfully neon yin to the grey and melancholy Ghost Stories yang, and is what I’d originally envisioned the band would follow Mylo Xyloxo (2011) with. This new album also see
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