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I'm not sure, but I think I won...


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I entered a contest of Babelgum.com for the 2 tickets and airfare to Tampa's last show on the 9th, I just have been emailing back and forth to this person, I live 2 hours from Tampa, so they want to give us 2 nights in a hotel. I never win anything and I can't find out if this is a hoax, it seems true, he is emailing me all the info in a bit, but I have to leave for the shop for a couple of hours, I will check on my shops computer and ck back with ya'll. If anyone can find the strawberry swing thread that had this contest to enter, I'd appreciate it, I just can't find it, I am too nervous, or maybe a Moderator is able to see if this has been confirmed by bablegum?? Thanks

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Guest LiquidSky

It doesn't say anything on their website...but on my phone it does say that you can win coldplay concert tickets.

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