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  1. at least one of us - and i am VERY HAPPY to have been proven wrong all these years later 😂
  2. I could save it out as an .ai and bring it into After Effects pretty easily to animate the progression it's pretty late for me right now but i could do this in the morning 😅
  3. my thought was "Julie telephoned in by a ouija" so looks like we're on the same track! but i also thought it might be weird for Chris to suddenly give a "character" in the song a proper name who is fictional and not someone that lived in our world :shrug: but he definitely mentions ouija, my interpretation is that this person puts out a message for advice and gets an answer from the Holy Roman army :P
  4. so I was away for a few weeks to visit my sisters for the holidays, but came back last night to find a package from @greeneyes1207 ! got a lot of goodies and a little monkey ornament (to represent AOAL hehe) plus learned that we have quite a lot of non-Coldplay things in common too :cheesy: by the way, i already ate like half the package of short bread and it is DELICIOUS thank you so much for the package, kaleigh! :hug:
  5. those particular butterflies (and the star) are indeed from the AHFOD tour, San Diego show in October 2017 :D the MX era did have butterflies, but they were the same white and neon yellow/green/pink that the rest of the confetti in that era was - at least in the US. but the colors for the AHFOD butterflies are actually pretty similar to the ones from the VIVA era, just the VIVA era also had ones that were a kind of foil-like material in addition to the paper-y ones i'm glad the card got to you so quickly!! i was afraid i was pushing it with how late i sent it :P
  6. I knew Yellow and Clocks, but I didn't know that I knew Clocks until after. I thought that piano bit was like a classical piano part [emoji23] I mean to be fair I was 12 so
  7. i should be able to make it! now just to set a reminder :P
  8. besides, even some Netflix originals HAVE been released on DVD. i don't see why they would go through the trouble of making something this huge to only ever show it on one streaming service for the rest of eternity?? just think how even with all that struggle, they managed to put out such an incredible album AND keep themselves together for another 13 years at least!!
  9. Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay by Matt McGinn is a great book, too and let's not forget the best officially unofficial book of all :joy:
  10. i would honestly be surprised if ANYTHING Coldplay-related were to ever happen in that theater, if not only because i feel it wouldn't have been only Chris's purchase in that case
  11. always nice to hear a live version of VLV where Chris is singing the actual melody from the studio version :P
  12. nope, i was still in my hometown in NY back then and my first concert wasn't until 2009 in Massachusetts :D
  13. i can never listen to this song without thinking about Guy now :joy:
  14. looooooooove Jonny's guitar here, it's kinda creepy but awesome at the same time
  15. the thing i love most about the live version of Lost! is Chris shouting the "oh"s at the end
  16. Illustrator would be better if I was doing something vector-based, but for digital painting Photoshop works really well because of all the brushes and whatnot
  17. oh no... i'm already feeling nostalgic...
  18. i'm doing a speed-painting actually, but i just like using Photoshop for drawing :D
  19. i'm late but i'm here! :P and messing around in Photoshop at the moment, so might be in and out
  20. there used to be a copy of it floating around here somewhere, but that must have gotten taken down at some point. a lot of great stuff from the older eras suffered that fate :\
  21. i keep getting distracted and forgetting that i'm not just listening to CP like i normally do but actually participating in a listening party :uhoh: :P
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