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*In the works* Toronto/Wembley Fan Film! Anyone interested it being a part of it?

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Hello everyone


On July 30 I went to the Coldplay show in Toronto Canada at the Rogers Center and filmed HD footage of the concert. Since returning I have gotten ALOT more footage and am in the process of editing right now. I go to school for video production so this is what I love doing and the fact that it is on Coldplay just makes it better. Now recently I have decided to take the trip to London and go see Coldplay in their last two shows. What I thought of doing was getting some video of fan responses to the show as well as the record itself and intercutting in with the concert video that I am editing.


ex: someone talks about lovers in japan and the colorful butterflies that fall down and it leads into my lovers in japan edit. (something like that)


I might even get responses from people after the show depending on lighting conditions and battery power/memory on my camera. It will take some time to put it all together but I think it would be cool to have a fan film of the concert from Toronto all the way to the final two nights at Wembley Stadium. After Ill get in onto youtube and I could make it available to you as well. I could also author a dvd of it if needed for free obviously. Hopefully Coldplay get to see it somehow, ....that would make me nervous ..coldplay watching something I have edited WOW. Anyway right now its just an idea so let me know what you all think and if you would want to say a few things in front of the arena before/after the show.


I can already picture it in my head I wish I could share it with you now. - Back to editing.

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