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  1. I'm flying over from Toronto Canada and i'll be GA for the first night. I tried to get tickets for the other dates but I didn't have any luck. Very excited to have Coldplay back and to see them in a stadium once again.
  2. I downloaded the Live2018SP.rar files but it wont extract for me (im on a mac using unrarx). It doesnt ask for a password otherwise I would of figured it was that. I also tried using cloudconvert. Can anyone help?
  3. Hello could you please send me the link to the 1080p concert when you have a minute. Thanks - Marcos

  4. I just saw some of our old convos and it brought back many old memories of being on this website. You wont see this I suppose but I wish you all the best :)

  5. Would love a copy when you have a moment to send it. Thank you! - Marcos

  6. This doesn't exactly mean anything but this happened to me sooo lets keep our fingers crossed and "Never Give Up"
  7. Wait wait so the 1080 and 720 versions are only in Stereo??? This is killing me. This concert is so colourful and bright and energetic its a shame to not display it in the best quality possible. I still think a 4K version will come out I have to believe that.
  8. I'm really hoping for a 4K release, it would be the first concert released on 4k blu ray (they could put the documentary out as well). Of course that would mean a regular blu ray would also come out. If Amazon has exclusive rights to the film at launch that would explain why we are not seeing blu ray's. They want to keep the higher resolution video files for Prime members. Once the rights have ended I can see them releasing the documentary and the concert film possibly in one package. (4K UHD/ and or Blu Ray) Whatever resolution Amazon streams at will give us a good idea what might happe
  9. If you can listen to in an online stream then do so while you wait. I was originally going to listen to the record on vinyl first however amazon.ca sent me this lovely surprise on release day I'm sure it will update when they get more copies but that was painful to see after preordering a month earlier.
  10. Just saw this on twitter and wanted to let everyone in the UK know. @skyhd - We're hosting an exclusive screening of @Coldplay: Ghost Stories The Film for Sky customers on Monday. Free tickets: http://www.sky.com/tv/show/coldplay-ghost-stories/article/screening Hopefully some of you win...and then tell us everything haha
  11. Yeah the festival gigs before the album release I believe
  12. Life is for living....really! ohhh god I wish I could have made it to nyc
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