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Wembley 19th - Support time slots? + Standing arrangements + Arrival time?


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Hey guys,

great forum, me and my mate will definately be rocking the yellow glow sticks on the 19th!!


1) How long do you reckon each support act will get? (stoked for Jay and White Lies!)


and also


2) Does any one now how the standing layout will be? Will it be like one big crowd similar to a festival


or like muse had it with the two sections at the front and then a seperate part at the back (if you get me :P)



and lastly :P


3) What time should we get there if we want to be as close to the front as possible?


Thanks in advance, 14 days to go!!! :D

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it will be more like muse def. not like festivals...as it is in a stadium.

Guess there will be the FOS area, then barrier and then the rest of the standing area.

Timings etc. are not published yet - guess White Lies will get 30 min. GA and Jay Z an hour!



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