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Appreciate Izabelle, the Cautionary Whale, Miss Boobers and her Bun (in the oven :blush:)

Best u Can

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Help! :blush:


she is so cute, and that's why it's hard not to :love: her

a little too much :sick:


now let's tell her why she and her bun (bebeh) are awesome :nice:


mostly not in third person like I just did /selfconsciousness


we love you bebeh and izzeh :lips:

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hi, nice to meet you :)


yup :wacko:


he says enrico is like the sweetest dude on coldplaying ♥









min <3


aw, he is really smart if he can talk already :wacko:



I'm not sure if that's a good thing :sick: he might take over your soul

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that's what I thought when I got the black kitty that stares into my soul every morning :sick: :lol:


actually... one of my professors who was a german linguist talking about how he told the story of hansel and gretel to his baby in german before he was born, and later on when the baby would cry, he would read the story again and it made him happy :blush:

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I hate you Izzy




..because your name makes me hungry for cheezecake :disappointed:


hmm fitz by the way I feel like I jumped the gun the other day... I sometimes assume that people are being mean to me when they disagree with something, (because there are a lot of people who I met that act that way) and I think I was very wrong to assume... sorry about that, really

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yes, I am full of them (pick up lines)


"hey, is that a hot tamale you are eating?"


"I bet that is your name, hot tamale. :charming:"


"Get it?........ Like you are hot?.......... :uhoh:"


"Yeah loser, my boyfriend is on his way, you better back away."



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