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The incredible, versatile TASER.


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99% of the time tasers are used is in situations where they aren't necessary, because they occupy this nebulous area called "non-lethal". So the cops stop using their already-tiny brains and just reach for the taser whenever someone disagrees with them or has a bad attitude.


If a cop had a clear choice - either beat the shit out of me with a stick, or shoot me in the face, or talk to me - it would make their jobs more cerebral, and it would force the public to recognize their disgusting violent tendencies for what they are.

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Cops should all wear tiny cameras next to their badge with a fisheye lens, that records to a 1.5" iPod hard disk in black & white compressed video. The technology exists for this. All recordings of events leading up to arrests should be made public immediately, with the officer's name. If their actions were justified, they should have nothing to fear.

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