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Walcome tae the Scottish Pairlament wabsite: The internet guide to Holyrood translated into 'Rab C N


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Walcome tae the Scottish Pairlament wabsite: The internet guide to Holyrood translated into 'Rab C Nesbitt' dialect



By Simon Walters

Last updated at 10:17 PM on 14th November 2009





article-0-073756AE000005DC-688_233x423.jpg The guide describes Alex Salmond as the 'first meenister'



To a handful of proud Scots, it is a valuable guide to Scottish politics, using the language of their forefathers before the country was taken over by Sassenachs who forced them to speak the Queen’s English.

But to English sceptics it may sound as though Rab C Nesbitt actor Gregor Fisher, who played the shambolic Glaswegian alcoholic in the Nineties television sitcom, has been given a taxpayers’ grant to write his own political manifesto.

A row erupted last night over public funds spent on the new internet handbook produced by the Scottish Parliament which uses the little-used Scots dialect.

Scholars disagree whether Scots is a genuine dialect or a language – and some claim only a ‘few thousand’ Scots speak it properly.

Yet anyone reading sections of the Scottish Parliament’s website would be forgiven for thinking that no one in Scotland speaks English any more.

The website even offers an option to translate content into Scots – and a bizarre apology that Holyrood staff cannot yet deal with calls from members of the public in Scots.

The handbook is part of an £800,000 overhaul of the Scottish Parliament’s website, designed to make it ‘more accessible to people whose first language is not English’.







Visitors on the Scottish dialect section of the website are met with the message: ‘Walcome tae the Scottish Pairlament wabsite.’

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