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£10m of cocaine found hidden in shipment of candy bars



By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 3:43 PM on 14th November 2009



article-1227784-0736DFE1000005DC-388_235x231.jpg 230kg of cocaine was discovered hidden in a shipment of panela candy (file picture)



Spanish police have found cocaine worth nearly £10million hidden in bars of candy.


Some 230 kilos of the drug were found in a container which arrived at Valencia from Colombia last week.


Inside the container were 34,000 bars of panela, a typical South American candy made from the juice of sugar cane.


They were destined for a cocaine laboratory which police had already uncovered last month.


When examined more than 500 of the candy bars had cocaine hidden inside them worth a total of £9.7m at street value.


The lab in southern central Spain was processing 50 kilos of cocaine a week when it was raided, police said yesterday.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1227784/10m-cocaine-hidden-shipment-candy-bars.html#ixzz0WvMlyPI4

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