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Muslim who staged hate campaign against own daughter over her arranged marriage is banned from seein


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Muslim who staged hate campaign against own daughter over her arranged marriage is banned from seeing her again



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:58 PM on 18th November 2009




article-1228934-07435BF8000005DC-287_233x574.jpg Businessman Aurang Zeb outside Blackburn magistrates court yesterday


A devout Muslim who launched a hate campaign against his own daughter because she refused to enter into an arranged marriage has been banned from contacting her for life.


Businessman Aurang Zeb, 43, threatened to kill Rozina Akhtar and cut out her mother's tongue after claiming she had brought 'dishonour' on their family by refusing to marry her cousin.

Zeb bombarded Rozina, 22, and her mother with abusive and threatening phone calls accusing them of having affairs and began secretly spying on their movements.

Earlier this year police obtained a Forced Marriage Protection order - only the seventh of its kind - banning Zeb from forcing Rozina to marry his brother's son in Pakistan after she was ordered to become engaged to him in 2006.


But he broke the order by continuing his campaign of harassment against his daughter.

At Blackburn magistrates court yesterday he was ordered to abide by a lifetime restraining order - believed to be the first to be imposed following a Forced Protection Order.

During his campaign against his family Zeb also talked of 'killing people and how he would only get five to seven years.'


He also pursued his son, Nasir Khan in his car, almost forcing him off the road.

The whole family were said to be so terrified of what the father might do they checked all the doors and windows were locked at night before they could go to sleep.

Zeb had himself entered into a forced marriage with his wife Parveen Akhtar in 1985.


Miss Catherine Allen, prosecuting, said that Rozina refused to enter into an arranged marriage and that her mother backed her because she too had gone through the same ordeal.


'The defendant accused the daughter of causing him dishonour by not marrying her cousin,' Miss Allen said.

'He said his standing in the community would be affected and he wouldn't be able to go out in public because of what people would say about him.'


'He said they had shamed him and dragged his name through the mud. He told the daughter if she changed her mind, his honour and respect could be restored.'


The situation escalated and police took the decision to apply for an order to safeguard Rozina's position in the country.


The matter was taken before a judge at Blackburn County Court, where her father was made to forfeit his passport and was prohibited from taking his daughter abroad.

Zeb moved out of the house but seemed to know where his wife and daughter had been and who she had been speaking to.

He claimed he knew his daughter had a boyfriend in Bradford and accused his wife of having an affair and said he would kill the man if he ever saw him again.


But Miss Allen added: 'She says she has no intention of being with another man again. From that point on, each time she would leave the house he would be there in his car.

'She also said the defendant told her he had a friend who had been recording her calls. He tried to encourage their son to attack both her and the daughter.

'He pursued the son several times in his car, almost forcing him from the road. In October of this year, his wife received a very frightening phone call.

'She said he had a very chilling voice. He said she: 'Wouldn't dream of what I would do to you. I'm going to kill you and chop off your tongue.'


'She was under no doubts that he would kill her. He became more threatening and unpredictable towards her and the children, and made her life a complete misery.'


Zeb pleaded guilty to harassing his wife, daughter and son.


He was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work made subject to community supervision for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs.


The magistrates also made a restraining order which prevents him from having any contact with his family for an indefinite period.


Despite Zeb being subject to a Forced Marriages Protection Order, Zeb's defence solicitor Basharat Ditta told the court his daughter's proposed marriage was an arranged marriage not a 'cruel and improper' forced marriage.


Mr Ditta said that while Rozina was on holiday in Pakistan two years earlier she was introduced to her cousin and it was suggested marriage was appropriate, which she accepted.


He said: 'There was a two-year gap by which time Rozina had moved on and didn't want to continue with the arrangement.


'He is a traditional Asian male who has certain traditions he seeks to uphold.


'His children have grown up in a Western society and this has lead to conflict. Is it any less honourable for a white man to assault or harass his wife or children than it is an Asian man?'


But in a statement earlier this year the daughter said: 'I want to make him realise that I was sure about what I was doing and that no means no.

'I think he thought I should do it because to him it was a matter of honour.


'He had given his word. I am not against arranged marriages - or finding myself a husband - but this was different. This was something I was being forced into.'

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